Benefits of Phenolic Panels

Solid phenolic is an innovative interior and exterior material solution that is gaining traction among facility managers. Phenolic panels (also known as high-pressure or HPL panels) are high-pressure and temperature-manufactured architectural panels made of natural core material layers and thermosetting resins. Because of their flexibility and versatility, phenolic panels are replacing steel and wood designs in interior and exterior projects.

Benefits of Solid Phenolic Panels:

Phenolic Panels can be used both inside and outside. The most common application for phenolic panels is in bathrooms as phenolic toilet partitions; however, they can also be used outside as siding or wall decoration. They can instantly renew, modernize, and enhance the aesthetics of any building when installed and designed properly.

Here are some of the advantages of purchasing Phenolic panels:

Easy maintenance and cleaning:

Hose down solid phenolic toilet stalls when thorough cleaning is required. The material will not warp when wet. The melamine surface and resin-infused kraft paper have an impermeability (resistance to water).

It is Durable:

This material’s phenolic resins are designed for industrial applications, so they can withstand a wide range of harsh conditions. Water and graffiti resistance means that you can expect a long life without the hassle of extra maintenance.


They are also resistant to a wide range of bacteria, making them ideal for use in a public restroom. You don’t have to worry about these partitions breaking due to misuse or vandalism because they can withstand forces of up to 1500 pounds. This can save you the trouble and expense of replacing your partitions before their natural life span is up.

Solid core phenolic panels have numerous significant advantages. Please contact Venesta for more information on the best solid phenolic core products such as partitions and lockers, which promise a winning combination of best value and uncompromising design quality.