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Markwik 21 Demountable Panel Mixer, Proximity Sensor


HBN 00-10 HTM64 (TB H6) Markwik 21 Demountable Panel Mixer, Proximity Sensor.

Markwik 21 Integral thermostat, bib mixer, proximity sensor, single flow horizontal outlet, 2 x 1/2″ inlets at 200mm centres, Armitage Bioguard outlet fitted.

Demountable panel mixer tap removable spout and fitted with Armitage Shanks Bioguard outlet. Integral thermostat, proximity sensor operation and single flow horizontal nozzle. Insulated technology keeps the ‘hot’ side of the mixer at a safe surface temperature. Includes thermal disinfection features, available with removable spout for autoclave sterilisation, body demounts from legs or panels for submergible disinfection and Bioguard outlet also helps protect against bacteria.

  • For medical and healthcare use.
  • Proximity sensor operation.
  • Built in isolation valves.
  • Built in isolation valves.
  • Thermal disinfection feature.
  • Demount, submerge and disinfect.
  • Bioguard against bacteria.
  • Auto-flush technology.



Markwick 21 Mixer - Fixed Spout -
Markwik 21 Mixer Detachable Spout -
Sterilising kit - hospital mixer -

Material: Chrome Plated Brass
Weight: 4.91Kg
HTM code: TB H6

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