Rapiduct is a low-cost, bespoke duct panelling system designed for easy installation and a functional finish.

  • Rapiduct in Smoke.
  • Rapiduct WC and basin panelling in American Walnut with Smoke flashgaps.
  • Rapiduct in Jive with Graphite flashgaps.



Simple, functional and highly cost-effective, our Rapiduct system is flexible enough to suit any wet or dry washroom environment.
Designed for your own easy installation on a timber frame (supplied by others), our Rapiduct washroom panel system is available in six material options and an unlimited range of colours.

Rapiduct’s clever construction means it can be put together on site by your installer, in seven easy steps.

You can specify Rapiduct to your own toilet cubicle dimensions or for almost any sized panel for urinal, shower or vanity system.

  • Highly cost effective.
  • Timber-framed system.
  • Easy to install.
  • Available in six board types and unlimited colours for complete design flexibility.
  • Suitable for any Venesta toilet cubicle, urinal panel, shower cubicle or vanity system.

Special Features

  • Designed for own installation.
  • Low-cost solution.
  • Suitable for wet and dry environments.

Maximum ceiling height
Bespoke panel sizes available to suit site dimensions.

Available in MFC, HPL, SGL, ColourCoat, ColourCoat High Gloss and Veneer.

Colour finish
MFC, HPL and SGL: 34 colours.
ColourCoat and High Gloss: 10 ColourCoat and High Gloss options available when specifying Rapiduct with V2 cubicle range. Unlimited ColourCoat and High Gloss options (any classic RAL) when specifying Rapiduct with a V3 cubicle range.
Veneer: Wide range of Alpi veneer options (varying price points).

Edge treatment
MFC and HPL: All edges are lipped with ABS.
SGL: Polished black radiused edge.
ColourCoat and ColourCoat High Gloss: Edges are sprayed with a coat of primer and finished with high gloss pigmented lacquer.
Veneer: ABS lipping to match.
Flashgaps:Flashgaps have unfinished edges except return end flashgaps which will be ABS lipped (or polished if solid grade laminate).

MFC, SGL, ColourCoat, ColourCoat High Gloss and Veneer.

Fixing clips
Concealed plastic clips fixed to edge of flashgap strips and reverse of facing panels.

Site frame
Loose flashgaps only supplied by Venesta. Site frame supplied and fixed by site (softwood or similar).

For dry environments with low risk of vandalism. Panels are manufactured from 18mm nominal thickness high performance moisture-resistant melamine faced chipboard. Edges lipped with ABS.

For more heavily used washrooms, panels are heat, scratch and impact resistant. Manufactured from moisture-resistant chipboard faced with high pressure laminate, panels are 18mm nominal thickness. Edges lipped with ABS. Post-formed vertical edge option available.

Solid grade laminate is extremely resistant to impact and all surfaces are impervious to water. Panels are 13mm nominal thickness with polished black radiused edges.

Panels are 18mm nominal thickness MDF sprayed with one coat of primer and finished with pigmented polyurethane lacquer.

High Gloss
Panels are 18mm nominal thickness MDF sprayed with one coat of primer and finished with two coats of high gloss pigmented polyurethane lacquer.

Manufactured from chipboard faced with real wood veneer, panels are 18mm nominal thickness. Edges lipped with matching ABS.

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