Recessed Unit

This space saving panelling solution will not protrude into your room and is our most cost-effective solution for your healthcare environment.

  • Vepps Recessed Unit in Frozen Blue with Contour 21 500 washbasin and Markwik 21+ Thermostatic Mixer.
  • Vepps Recessed Units offer perfect panel alignment.
  • Vepps Recessed Units are a fantastic space saving solution (shown in Frozen Blue).
  • Lockable panels to maximise safety.


Fully compliant with regulatory requirements, Vepps Recessed Units’ hinged and lockable access panels with discreet and tamper proof panel lock offer maximum security.

Our Vepps Recessed Unit has been specifically designed to save space through not protruding into the room. It avoids the need for interface at both the floor and ceiling junctions. Maintaining up to 44RwdB sound installation of standard partition walls, however please note it is not suitable for use within fire rated walls or within acoustic rated walls exceeding 44RwdB.

A cost-effective, space-saving solution, our Recessed Unit integrated plumbing system for healthcare is fully compliant and is our tried, tested and proven solution.

Our Vepps Healthcare range offers proven, tested solutions that meet and excessed industry standards to suit your specific requirements.

  • Fully compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • A metal-framed, pre-plumbed system.
  • Factory fitted and tested sanitaryware.
  • Industry-leading design with proven track record.
  • Avoids the need for interface at floor and ceiling junctions.
  • Our most cost-effective healthcare pre-plumbed panelling solution.
  • Space saving panel unit does not protrude into the room.
  • Maintains up to 44RwdB sound installation of standard partition wall.
  • Vepps Recessed Unit panelling available in 34 laminate colours.
  • Rolled galvanised ultra steel subframe.


Up to 850mm.

Standard height up to 3000mm.

Suspended options.
Solid options.

Panel sections fitted to subframe with zinc plated steel clips with butt joints fitted with zinc plated steel dowel clips and mating nylon dowel-docks.

Colour finish
Available in 34 laminate colours.

Subframe tie-back system using M8 zinc plated steel tie-back rods and supporting bracketry in zinc plated steel.

Panel lock
Micro panel lock in polished stainless steel to provide a tamper proof security fixing to the duct panels.

Sanitary appliances as specified in section N13, pre-fixed and sealed to Vepps unit, unless stated otherwise, all factory assembled.

Assemblies options
Available in all assembly options.

For dry environments with low risk of vandalism. Panels are manufactured from 18mm nominal thickness high performance moisture-resistant melamine faced chipboard. Post formed vertical edges with 1mm matching or contrasting ABS horizontal.

For more heavily used washrooms, panels are heat, scratch and impact resistant. Manufactured from moisture-resistant melamine faced chipboard with high pressure laminate, panels are 18mm nominal thickness. Post formed vertical edges with 1mm matching or contrasting ABS horizontal.

Solid grade laminate is extremely resistant to impact and all surfaces are impervious to water. Panels are 13mm nominal thickness with radiused and polished black edges.

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