How to Choose the Right IPS Panel for Toilet

It might be difficult to choose the perfect integrated plumbing system or IPS panel for your toilet, especially if you are not familiar with all of your alternatives. But with the right information and considerations, you can quickly locate a panel that not only suits your needs but also improves the look of your bathroom as a whole.
It’s critical to comprehend what an IPS panel is and how it functions before looking for the greatest one for your toilet. An integrated plumbing system (IPS) is a washroom panelling system that conceals all the mains, waste, and toilet cisterns within a void behind the cubicle or wall panelling. Not limited to toilets, IPS panels work equally with urinals, wall-mounted basins, wash troughs, and even showers, to provide a full solution for any kind of project, all from one supplier and with limited labor required to install.

Look for the right material

When selecting an integrated plumbing system panel, the material it is constructed of should be one of your main factors. Ceramic panels are more durable and have a more premium look, but they are also more expensive and heavier than other material types. Plastic panels are more affordable and lightweight, but ceramic panels may be less durable than they are. Meanwhile, mimicking the look of wood and stone, laminate panels combine aesthetics with affordability, making them suitable for projects with budget constraints. For a touch of sophistication and modernity, go for glass panels that create a sense of spaciousness but can be customized with patterns for added privacy.

Toilet compartment size

Another important factor to consider is the size of the toilet compartment. Make sure to measure the space where you plan to install the panel to ensure that it fits properly. You should also consider the height of the panel, as it can impact the overall appearance and functionality of your toilet. For instance, if you have a small bathroom or a tall family member, a panel with a higher height might be more suitable.

Stylize your bathroom

The design and style of the panel are other crucial factors to consider. You want a panel that fits your style and the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. You should be able to choose a panel that suits your preferences from the many accessible design possibilities, which range from traditional to modern.


Efficiency is another important aspect to consider when selecting an integrated plumbing system panel. The panel layout makes routine maintenance simple and eliminates the need to manually handle bulky panels, protecting both health and panels from harm when maintenance is necessary.

Join hands with experts

The manufacturer’s standing and customer support are important factors to take into account. A manufacturer with a solid reputation and top-notch customer service will make dealing with any panel-related concerns as easy as possible. While installing a toilet compartment or integrated plumbing system panel might be a do-it-yourself work; if you are not confident doing it yourself, you should think about contacting a professional plumber. A specialist who is knowledgeable about which IPS panel is best for your toilet can guarantee that the panel is placed correctly, which is essential for your toilet to operate as intended.
Considerations for selecting the best IPS panel for your toilet include its material, size, design, effectiveness, and reputation of the maker. By keeping these considerations in mind, you can easily find a panel that meets your needs and enhances the appearance of your bathroom.