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Lockers & Benching

For over 30 years, we’ve been designing and manufacturing benches and lockers for leisure centres and education environments. So, whatever environment you’re working in, you can rely on our stylish and flexible, tried and tested locker and bench solutions to seamlessly fit and perfectly enhance your space.

We offer a variety of lockers and benches in a variety of price points, types, styles, and materials. We combine innovation and functionality to provide the best storage solutions for locker rooms in primary schools, staff rooms, changing rooms, gyms, sports facilities, universities and dressing rooms ensuring safety and functionality.

Venesta’s products have clean, modern designs that can be easily customized to fit an organization’s existing facility or to represent a company’s brand. The surface is also designed to match most common spaces, ensuring that you are investing in a fixture that will complement the rest of your interior design. Across the GCC countries, we have delivered high-quality products and hardware to withstand heavy use in harsh environments. Contact us for lockers for primary schools, staff room lockers and various types of lockers and benching in the UAE and Middle East.

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