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KWIK Wall 2000 Series | Office Acoustic Partition

A variety of acoustical sound resistance, stacking arrangements, and multiple functionalities and accessories available!


The Kwik wall 2000 series operable walls are acoustically engineered panels with a variety of finishes and stackable options for the convenience of the end-user. The steel-framed moveable wall system from Kwik-Wall is ideal for dividing a large room into multiple functional areas whereas our office acoustic partitions are designed to reduce traveling sounds and create softer soundscapes by utilizing high-quality acoustic properties. These durable panels are 3″ thick and provide STC ratings up to 51.

  • Standard acoustical substrate or optional steel skins available to provide for higher durability.
  • Our standard trimless option offers a seamless appearance.
  • Available in a wide range of STC ratings ranging between 42-51.
  • Easy to access components for routine panel maintenance.